• Coolum Beach Surfing

Surfing at Coolum Beach

Coolum is renowned for surfing. Not only is it the home break of pro surfer Julian Wilson, but it produces some of the best waves on the Sunshine Coast. A series of sheltered bays protect the area from all but the most direct onshore winds so there is always a wave and the large expanse of Coolum main beach offers a number of wave types.

Coolum offers a great learner wave and also provides a more challenging wave for the more experienced. Staying at Coolum at the Beach and keen to get into the water this summer? This one is for you.

Coolum still prides itself on its laid-back attitude and ingrained surf culture. Back in the 1950’s and 60’s the sport of surfing was relatively frowned upon. Back then surfers were purists, perpetually on the quest for pristine waves and with hundred of miles of coastline to explore between Byron Bay and Noosa, surfers were richly rewarded. Especially when arriving in Coolum. The one-time fringe sport blossomed in Coolum and surfing at Coolum today, you’re aware of the areas rich surf history and local pride of the sport. Resident pro surfer Julian Wilson still surfs his home break frequently between ASP legs, whilst the Sunshine Coast at large has also produced its fair share of other world-class surfers.

Coolum waves are for all different levels

Surfing at Coolum isn’t just for the experienced. There are plenty of waves along the coastline that beginners will love.

  • To help you stand on your feet sooner, Coolum Surf School offers an award winning service operating a mere stroll away from your door when staying at Coolum at the Beach. The friendly staff are encouraging and practical in their lessons, so you’ll be up in no time. They also offer intermediate and advanced lessons ensuring your surfing journey is always growing.

Where to surf when staying at Coolum

  • The Coolum Beach stretch takes in a number of bays and the main beach itself goes all the way to neighbouring Peregian Beach and beyond.
  • Offering a number of surfing options to suit all levels there is a wave for everyone at Coolum Beach. More experienced surfers will be rewarded with a steep take off and long right-handers at Point Perry and Point Arkwright.
  • First Bay provides a sheltered area that escapes the majority of winds and is easily surfable for intermediate and advanced surfers and neighbouring beach Yaroomba is sheltered from northerly winds and with the right conditions is a goofy footers dream.
  • Beginners will be best heading straight out from Coolum Main Beach with a long foamy wall forming, there are plenty of opportunities for learners and beginners to get a feel for surfing without being intimidated by larger swells.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been surfing for years and are looking for that next perfect wave or just keen to learn and have fun. Coolum has a wave for everyone and by surfing at Coolum, we know that you will have a great time and fit in like a local.

Staying at Coolum at the Beach is great for visiting surfers with our great location ensuring you’ll be pulling into waves within five minutes of leaving your spacious apartments.

Thinking of learning to surf these holidays or even escape to the waves whilst away? Coolum at the beach is the right place for you. Get started and book today!