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Plan the ultimate BBQ or picnic lunch when holidaying in Coolum

Planning a BBQ or picnic lunch can be a lot of fun, and you're in luck because Coolum has so many great spots to choose from. 

Here are some tips to ensure that your BBQ or picnic is a success:

1. Make sure to plan ahead and get all of the necessary supplies, such as food, drinks, plates and utensils.

2. Choose a great location. Make sure it has plenty of shade and seating.

  • Our BBQ area is located right next to the pool, and is an ideal choice for cooking up a yummy BBQ lunch and enjoying a splash in the pool afterwards.
  • If you would prefer to see more of Coolum, Tickle Park is a great option as it overlooks Coolum Beach and has everything you need for a relaxing afternoon BBQ or picnic, with family and friends.

3. Choose a variety of foods that everyone will enjoy. Think about burgers, steaks, sausages, salads, fruits and snacks.

4. Make sure you have plenty of drinks available, including water.

5. Don't forget about the little things. Paper towels, napkins and plenty of ice are all essential for a successful BBQ or picnic.

6. And of course, have fun! Enjoy the company of your friends and family and make some great memories.

Image courtesy of Tourism and Events QLD