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Join us at Coolum for whale watching

From June to November every year over 25,000 humpback whales undertake a 10,000km migration from Antarctica.

It’s a ritual documented for thousands of years by the traditional owners of the land and an amazing spectacle that should be experienced by land or sea. Ever wanted to see these gentle giants at play? Then a trip to Coolum Beach is on the cards.

Stay in Coolum and enjoy the spectacle

Coolum Beach is considered one of the best places to watch the Humpback Whale migration on the Sunshine Coast. From your Coolum at the Beach apartment, it's an easy stroll to the beach and prime viewing spots like Point Perry.

Thinking of taking in the spectacle? Here are the best 5 places to take in the whale migration if you’re staying in Coolum Beach.

Emu Mountain

Situated between Peregian Beach and Coolum Beach, Emu Mountain is a small easily scalable mountain that serves as a perfect viewing platform to watch for whale breaches on the horizon. Located 3.8 km from Coolum at the Beach it also makes for a pleasant morning out. The trail head can be easily found along Emu Mountain Road opposite Coolum Beach High School.

Mount Coolum

Mt Coolum is a slightly harder hike and requires a mid level of fitness. Come during the whale season and the rewards are certainly worth the effort. Whale season usually enjoys cool, clear days so visitors are treated to 360’ panoramic views and an incomparable view of the ocean. Make sure you keep an eye out for the more aggressive male Humpback Whale displays in July. And, if you’re here in October you’ll see the pods come closer to the shoreline with their calves.

Point Perry

An easy stroll from your Coolum at the Beach apartment along the boardwalk you’ll find Point Perry, one of the best and most accessible spots to take in the whale migration. Located only 1.8 km from your accommodation it makes for an enjoyable walk, we recommend that you keep your eye on the horizon whilst walking to see the whales breach and play.

Coolum Surf Club

The Coolum Beach Surf Club is situated right on the beach and is a great place to take in the whale migration from the land, especially if you’re feeling hungry. Our advice is to grab a seat by the window, something tasty and keep your eyes on the horizon.

Whale Watching Tours

There a number of tour businesses across the Sunshine Coast that will take you to see the whale migration. From all day tours to half day trips and even the ultimate ‘swim with the whales’ tour, the Sunshine Coast is the perfect base to experience the gentle giants of the sea up close.

If you’re thinking of joining a tour ask at the reception of Coolum at the Beach and our friendly staff can make a recommendation or book a tour here.

Tips for the Sunshine Coast whale season

There are three distinctions within the Sunshine Coast whale season. Early in the season, June and July, the males are more active and even a little aggressive in their displays. This is the time when the singleton whales are playing and displaying. Expect to see large breaches, tail slaps and huffy sprays as the males show off to attract mates.

From July through to August the whale acts are more family friendly and you can expect to see whole pods and plenty of smaller calves. The pods move in closer to the coastline and you can see them from the beach. If you’re staying with us at Coolum at the Beach this time of year make sure head up to Point Perry and take in the show.

Later in the season, September through to October and even November, the calves become a lot more curious and if you happen to be on a whale watching tour then expect to the young whales express their curiosity by approaching the vessel, flashing their white tummies and eyeing you off playfully from the depths.

Whale season on the Sunshine Coast is magnificent and worth the visit to Coolum if you want to experience it first hand. Join us at Coolum at the Beach from June to November and be part of this magic migration.

Check out our tour booking page for your Sunshine Coast whale watching cruises.